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You Could Be Pre-Diabetic

Do you ever check your blood glucose levels?  Do you know what your fasting and after eating levels are?  I highly suggest that you have your doctor run these tests at least twice a year or buy an inexpensive monitor and do it yourself by going to my Amazon page through the following link… Blood Glucose Monitors

The way we eat, which is considered a Western diet, is causing many to become Pre-Diabetic!  This can wreak havoc on your body by damaging your cells and organs and cause symptoms such as weight gain, heartburn, digestive problems, gluten intolerance, headaches, dizziness, sore throats and fatigue (though sometimes symptoms don’t appear at all).  If not caught early, Pre-Diabetes almost always leads to dis-eases including full blown Type II Diabetes.

You and your doctor should be looking at the numbers in a way that catches and reverses high blood sugar in its earliest stages!  The conventional interpretation of normal test results are different than what is desirable for optimal health.  Please see the charts below and have this conversation about the numbers with your medical professional.  Your Fasting Blood Glucose levels should be 85 and under!

70-109 mg/dL . . . . . . .  .Normal glucose tolerance (high end may be Pre-Diabetes)
110-125 mg/dL. . . . . .  .Impaired fasting glucose (Pre-Diabetes)
126+ mg/dL . . . . . . . . . Probable diabetes

70-85 mg/dL . . . . . . . . .Optimal (no glucose intolerance)
86-99 mg/dL . . . . . . . . . Borderline impaired fasting glucose
100+ mg/dL . . . . . . . . .Probable Pre-Diabetes

Remember, you do not need to wait for a doctor to test you or to track your levels… Buy a Blood Glucose Monitor  and if you find yourself at the new Borderline or Pre-Diabetes levels, please go on a Diabetic Diet or at the very least, learn to eat right!!  Diabetes is preventable and it is up to you to detect blood sugar increases before they turn into a problem.  I am available to coach you onto the right track and would be happy to speak to you or your group on this subject.  Please e-mail me through the CONTACT page of this website or at lisa@betterinyourbody.com.

Keep your blood glucose levels in check and you will not wear out your pancreas, become insulin resistant, Pre-Diabetic or Diabetic!  When you don’t spike your blood glucose, your body won’t escort it into fat cells and will actually release what is stored already!

Feel Better in Your Body… Be Better in Your Life!

Lisa M. Pepe
Wellness & Weight Loss Coach

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