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Welcome to Better in Your Body!

Hello Wellness & Weigh Less Seekers!

It’s time to Feel Better in Your Body so you can Be Better in Your Life!!

WEIGH LESS – You can and will lose all the weight you want in no time.
BALANCE HORMONES – I went from normal to post menopause and back.
INCREASE ENERGY – Get that step back in your stride and have more stamina.
GET PROPER TESTING - Get blood and other tests done without insurance.
SLOW AGING – My tricks help me look & feel 10yrs younger than I actually am.
MOVE YOUR BODY - Easily make exercise a part of your every day life.
EAT TO LIVE – Foods helped me reverse conditions and can heal our bodies.
THERAPIES - The road to Wellness & Weight Loss includes Holistic Help.
SUPPLEMENTS -  They really do work and help your body function better.

I am looking forward to sharing what I know about Wellness and Weight Loss with you!  I am hoping this will enable you to feel better so you can be the best you can in all areas of your life!  It is very important for each one of us to take responsibility for our own well being and my heart felt intention is for my resources and this website to become one of your trusted Wellness & Weight Loss authorities

The information I will be putting on this site is from my own experience and research as well as the opinions of experts in various fields of health, wellness and weight loss.  I hope you will benefit greatly from the advice given in this blog!  Please feel free to explore the pages of this website to learn more about it and check out the ABOUTpage to learn more on me! 

And… if you haven’t already… register to join me for some FREE WELL-WEIGHT Tips.  Go to the PROGRAMS page for more information and submit the form to the right to sign up to receive tips and information to help you with your wellness and weight loss challenges!! 

Feel Better in Your Body… Be Better in Your Life!

Lisa M. Pepe
Wellness & Weight Loss Coach

PS – All information on this website and in my programs or recommendation is not intended to prevent, diagnose or cure you of any disease or condition you may or may not have and does not take the place of the advice of a medical professional.  If you have a medical emergency, please see your doctor or go to the hospital immediately!

Hormone Hell to Happy

FatigueAnxiety – Mood SwingsPanic AttacksDry SkinThinning HairHeadachesWater RetentionWeight GainAches – PainsWeakness – Brain Fog ConfusionForgetfulnessLow Libido – No PatienceHot flashes – Night Sweats – Low Stamina – Dizziness – Irregular Heart Beat – Flutters – Depression

Do you have some or all of the above symptoms?  Are you 35-65?  The cause of your discomfort could be hormonal imbalances and they can wreak havoc on your entire body and many things such as your ability to maintain a healthy weight.  As your hormones begin to fluctuate and even drop off, you can feel like you are falling apart or as if things have gone haywire within!  And.. while there is not a one size fits all remedy, there are things you can do for yourself.  I can tell you from experience that going through early or even normal age perimenopause and menopause is not easy for some, but there are things you can try to lessen the severity.

1 – First and foremost, eat healthy most of the time (you can have a treat food here and there).  I say this because your body will need all of the nutrients it can get to maintain some balance.  It also doesn’t need to be working overtime trying to figure out what to do with junk foods and drinks!

2 – Second, and just as important, move your body!  Your circulatory and detox systems need movement to function properly which will help everything else work better.  Humans were not built to be still so do what you can to get up and get going!

3 – Third, and very critical is to try different healing modalities and remedies.  As always, talk to your health care practitioner and get your maintenance blood and other tests done.  After you receive their advice, you may want to begin with a few holistic or herbal remedies.

Feel Better in Your Body… Be Better in Your Life!

Lisa M Pepe
Wellness & Weigh Less Coach

Tasty Travel Tips

Hello from Germany!  Who said all they had to eat over here was sauerkraut, sausage and beer?  I found plenty of health food stores and markets within walking distance of my hotel as well as restaurants of every ethnicity!  My first night here a chef was even happy to make me a special veggie and rice dish which was absolutely delicious!! 

So, for all of you travelers out there, don’t fret because you can find healthy food almost anywhere and especially in Europe.  I recommend doing some Google research before you head out on any trip so you can see exactly what is near where you are staying.  It is easy to do a “search” or “search nearby” to find stores, restaurants and the like so you can be semi-prepared in case you are starving when you arrive at your destination.

When you are on a Google Map of the area where your accommodations are, just zoom in a little to see the names of the places the dots represent and then you can hover over each to get more information and their website so you can take a closer look.  Most locations have websites nowadays so you shouldn’t have a problem investigating and, if you want, contacting them.  Don’t be afraid to ask if they have special foods and never hesitate to ask your server to tell the chef to specialize dishes for you.  I do it all the time and most are very accommodating.  You may request items without sauces, with dressings on the side,  with a hold on the butter or any other way you want the dish prepared. 

So… go where you want and eat what you should… with a little preparation and effort, it is not as difficult as you think to be healthy on the road!! 

PS – Bringing snacks along for the ride will also help you stay satiated and be able to hold out for good-for-you food!  Happy Travels everyone!

Feel Better in Your Body… Be Better in Your Life!

Lisa M. Pepe
Wellness & Weigh Less Coach

Practice What I Preach

Practice What I Preach about Wellness & Weight Loss
So… You want to BE WELL (feel better, more energetic and good all over) and LOSE WEIGHT (return your body to its natural healthy state)?  This will happen to you if you Practice What I (and others who have been in your place or are experts in their health field) Preach!

I really do follow my own advice – the same advice I give you in my website, blog posts, programs and recommendations.  By doing so, I have managed to rid myself of many energy draining symptoms and that, in turn, enabled my body to get back into balance and return to its ideal weight!

You too can Feel Better in YOUR Body as well as Drop It Off and Keep It Off but you have to take action and at least try things that others have done and are doing to get their health and well being back.  Decide what feels right for you and make the commitment to do something today!

Here are some of the things I do that really help me:

  • I research and seek help and support in overcoming my well-weight issues.
  • I get preventive blood and other tests done to monitor what may need improving.
  • I eat as healthy as possible incorporating veggies, fruits, nuts and lean proteins.
  • I exercise 3 – 4 days a week and do little things in between to stay active.
  • I take supplements and try products and programs that make a difference.
  • I never give up and if I have a set back, I get right back up on the health horse!

I could go on and on about how important it is for you to take control of your Wellness and Weigh Less Challenges so you can improve your health, but that would be a book (which I am working on).   Instead I will emphasize that you can feel better and lose all the weight you want if you at least do a few of the things I have listed above.

As difficult as it may seem, you must take control of your well being by taking action where you can.  Eat healthy, exercise and get help if needed!  Your body is meant to be in balance and once it is, you will return to your ideal weight.  You must commit and do what it takes to get there!

Feel Better in Your Body… Be Better in Your Life!

Lisa M Pepe
Wellness & Weigh Less Coach

Acidic Body – Acidic Mind

One of the most overlooked causes of Wellness & Weight Loss Issues is the pH Balance of Your Body!  Your body is meant to be alkaline and all of its processes produce some acidic waste so it turns itself upside down to keep this under control.  When you bombard your body with acid producing foods, beverages, stress and toxins, it becomes more difficult for it to maintain balance. 

All of your bodily systems rely on this acid-alkaline balance and cannot tolerate extended acid imbalances.  Excess Acid causes allergies, skin eruptions, headaches, colds & flu, sinus problems, loss of energy, sensitivities, irritations, mucus, congestion, inflammation, hardening of soft tissue, ulceration and degeneration

Some of the most common conditions like lupus, lyme, fibromyalgia, hardening of arteries, cancer, heart disease, stroke, AIDS, ALS, MS and diabetes are worsened by having an acidic body.  If tissue pH Balance is constantly too acidic, oxygen levels decrease and cells die then tissue dies and entire organs and systems are affected.

Bacteria, Yeasts/Fungi and Molds thrive in an overly acidic body and can be seen very clearly in live blood.  They rob our bodies of its fuel and their poisonous excretions or toxic waste wreaks havoc on all of our cells, tissues and systems.  It’s no wonder so many have dis-eases & conditions!

Neurological Imbalances which cause depression, anxiety, irritability, mood swings, memory problems, confusion, dizziness and fogginess are another result of an acidic body.  Hence, Acidic Body – Acidic Mind.

You can control the amount of acid forming foods you put into your body by sticking with healthy foods and eliminating most processed and acid creating foods & beverages.  Some main things to avoid are dairy (for many other reasons too) and sugar (the new “silent killer”) because they overload your body’s ability to balance its own pH.  I have and use the book The pH Miracle as well as pH test strips and pH water drops with great success.  Go to my Amazon.com page pH Balance to look into these for yourself.  They are helping me get my body back in balance and may just save our/your life!

Having a Balanced Body pH will calm or eliminate a lot of health challenges and have you feeling more energetic in no time!  You will return to your ideal weight when you have a pH Balanced Body and it stops making fat cells to store excess acid!

Feel Better in Your Body… Be Better in Your Life!

Lisa M Pepe
Wellness & Weigh Less Coach

Don’t Wait for Weight Loss!

So… You want to lose weight… and keep it off… now!  Sounds difficult, doesn’t it?  Well, weight loss doesn’t have to be hard, but you do have to make the commitment to do what it takes to accomplish your goal.  Your body WANTS to be at its ideal weight and you have to listen to what it is telling you to get it there!  Don’t wait to lose weight… start now and you will see results now!

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of losing weight?  Write it down.  Now the next thing.  And the next.  Do you see any action steps you may have to take to get the weight loss ball rolling?  If any fears come up, turn them into positives by rationalizing and re-writing them!  When you have a list of 5-10 things, pick the one that will be the easiest for you to do today or tomorrow and do it.  Once you have done the easy one, the rest can be worked in one at a time

Some can do this on their own and others may need an accountability partner or coach to help them Drop It Off and Keep It Off!  I really loved and had success doing the HCG Protocol because it got me on track and I saw the weight drop off very quickly which made it easy to follow!

To learn easy ways to improve your health and in turn lose weight contact me at lisa@betterinyourbody.com for one-on-one fast weight loss coaching.  We can work out a personalized plan for YOU so you will begin losing weight and see results this week! Guaranteed!

To jump start your program and lose up to 5lbs per week, go to my other website at myhcgweightlossplan.com.  I did it and it works!!

Losing weight helps your body re-balance itself, but you have to re-balance your body for it to lose weight!  It’s really important to do something now to start losing weight even if it’s just seeking help in doing so!

Feel Better in Your Body… Be Better in Your Life!

Lisa M. Pepe
Wellness & Weigh Less Coach

You Could Be Pre-Diabetic

Do you ever check your blood glucose levels?  Do you know what your fasting and after eating levels are?  I highly suggest that you have your doctor run these tests at least twice a year or buy an inexpensive monitor and do it yourself by going to my Amazon page through the following link… Blood Glucose Monitors

The way we eat, which is considered a Western diet, is causing many to become Pre-Diabetic!  This can wreak havoc on your body by damaging your cells and organs and cause symptoms such as weight gain, heartburn, digestive problems, gluten intolerance, headaches, dizziness, sore throats and fatigue (though sometimes symptoms don’t appear at all).  If not caught early, Pre-Diabetes almost always leads to dis-eases including full blown Type II Diabetes.

You and your doctor should be looking at the numbers in a way that catches and reverses high blood sugar in its earliest stages!  The conventional interpretation of normal test results are different than what is desirable for optimal health.  Please see the charts below and have this conversation about the numbers with your medical professional.  Your Fasting Blood Glucose levels should be 85 and under!

70-109 mg/dL . . . . . . .  .Normal glucose tolerance (high end may be Pre-Diabetes)
110-125 mg/dL. . . . . .  .Impaired fasting glucose (Pre-Diabetes)
126+ mg/dL . . . . . . . . . Probable diabetes

70-85 mg/dL . . . . . . . . .Optimal (no glucose intolerance)
86-99 mg/dL . . . . . . . . . Borderline impaired fasting glucose
100+ mg/dL . . . . . . . . .Probable Pre-Diabetes

Remember, you do not need to wait for a doctor to test you or to track your levels… Buy a Blood Glucose Monitor  and if you find yourself at the new Borderline or Pre-Diabetes levels, please go on a Diabetic Diet or at the very least, learn to eat right!!  Diabetes is preventable and it is up to you to detect blood sugar increases before they turn into a problem.  I am available to coach you onto the right track and would be happy to speak to you or your group on this subject.  Please e-mail me through the CONTACT page of this website or at lisa@betterinyourbody.com.

Keep your blood glucose levels in check and you will not wear out your pancreas, become insulin resistant, Pre-Diabetic or Diabetic!  When you don’t spike your blood glucose, your body won’t escort it into fat cells and will actually release what is stored already!

Feel Better in Your Body… Be Better in Your Life!

Lisa M. Pepe
Wellness & Weight Loss Coach

You Are (not) What You Eat!

Sure… you won’t start to look like a cheeseburger if you eat them too often or a bag of potato chips if you “can’t eat just one”, but you will definitely feel and see their effects on your body!  While I don’t like to deprive or restrict myself, I do practice eating what my body wants, likes and will benefit from most of the time while only eating my “treat foods” once in awhile.  Notice I said “practice”!  This is because just like anything else, it takes practice to eat healthy and once you do it for awhile you will actually enjoy it and be good at it.  There are many flavorful satisfying healthy eats out there!  The HCG Protocol can get you on a healthy diet & losing weight quickly!

Take your time learning what makes your body feel good and slowly incorporate healthier foods into your life.  You don’t have to go on a crash diet (and I only recommend a low calorie plan while using the HCG Drops so you don’t starve your body), but you can start to eat more vegetables or replace a fatty protein source with a lean one with very little effort on your part! 

Think not of you being what you eat, but rather what the food you eat is being for you.  How do you feel before, during or after eating a particular food or combination of foods?  What is the nutritional value?  How will you use the energy from that food (or not?)  These are just some of the questions you can ask yourself, but your main focus should be to just take notice and pay attention to your body’s feedback so you can tweak your diet as you go and won’t become what you eat!

“Dead” food does not provide energy for your body and must be kept to a minimum for your systems to function properly!  The more empty calories you eat, the more your body will store fat because it cannot use it or must keep what’s in it away from your organs!

Feel Better in Your Body… Be Better in Your Life!

Lisa M. Pepe
Wellness & Weigh Less Coach

Exercise a Go-Go!

You’ve heard it all before… exercise is good for you and is part of a healthy lifestyle.  So why is it you just can’t seem to get around to it or do it as much as you should?  You’re too busy… You don’t belong to and don’t like the gym? 

I’m sure your reasons are legitimate and I won’t even try to talk you out of them! What I will do, however, is tell you that if you continue to lead a mainly sedentary life, you may find yourself in a bit of trouble. Ya see, research is now showing there are many benefits of regular exercise and that you really can’t afford not to move your body, get your heart rate up and circulatory system going on a daily basis:

1) More Energy and Better Overall Feeling
2) Adds a Boost to the Immune System
3) Lower Blood Pressure & Bad Cholesterol
4) Can Help Prevent and Fight Off Certain Cancers
5) Slows the Aging Process and Biological Clock
6) Reduces the risk of some Major Diseases

And to top it all off, Medical experts now say that inactivity is as bad as smoking and contributes to heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, cancer, depression, arthritis and osteoporosis!  Body Movement is key to health and well being so please get some sort of physical activity that raises your heart rate every day!  When you exercise you obviously burn calories and can lose weight, but more importantly your body continues to burn fat long after you stop!

I hope the information in this post outweighs your reasons for not being able to get up and get going. Pick an activity… any activity that increases your heart rate and makes you sweat a bit… and do it regularly… consistency is key. See the EXERCISE page of this site for ideas! I always try to do an hour of cardio plus free weight work and stretching 4 times per week.  I like to add in a yoga class here and there as well!  Find what you like to do then get up and Go-Go!  Your body will thank you and you will Feel Better in Your Body so you can Be Better in Your Life!

Feel Better in Your Body… Be Better in Your Life!

Lisa M. Pepe
Wellness & Weight Loss Coach